Industrial Engineering: Driving managerial change

Industrial Engineering: Driving managerial change

In the current highly competitive context, the need for soft skills engineers with a focus on managerial skills is growing rapidly because of their versatility and systemic vision. Indeed, all these skills and versatility are present in theIndustrial Engineering engineer. The strong point of the Industrial Engineering training is the entrepreneurial reach and the innovation applied to the industrial sector.

Moreover, being a conscious entrepreneurial community school, Polytech Intl offers the Industrial Engineering training programme in which international certifications have been implemented to guarantee competences in accordance with international standards.

Areas of activity 

Graduates of this programme are likely to be recruited by companies operating in the various manufacturing and service sectors:

  • Industry: automotive, aerospace, food processing, sanitary, etc.
  • Services: logistics, transport, studies, consulting, expertise, etc.

A profession of skills 

An important part of the training is dedicated to the practical aspects concretised through case studies, real problems and federative projects. This practical aspect of the training is also supported by the intervention of professionals in situ or within partner companies(Logidas, L2M, B2P Engineering, Mersen, etc.).

The skills of the Industrial Engineering engineer enable him to optimise the operation of complex production systems. In addition, they will be able to master all aspects of manufacturing, supply and distribution systems for goods and services. The Industrial Engineering manager profession covers the following range of positions:

  • Method and Industrialisation Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Supply Chain Management Director
  • Quality Director
  • Project Manager
  • Business creator

Development perspectives and innovation

To sum up, the graduate of this course, having acquired certified skills in the fields of languages(DELF, DALF, Aptis, IETLS) and technologies, will have at his disposal all the tools for a rapid insertion in the national and international professional world. The Polytech Intl engineer will have all the capacities to actively lead a digitalized company in industry 4.0 by using new technologies such as computer science, robotics and programmable automation, connected objects, etc.

Of course, like any versatile engineer, the Industrial Engineer will participate effectively in technology watch.