Industrial Engineering Engineer

3 Years | 180 Credits

Industrial Engineering aims to address the modelling, design, optimisation and management of processes in industrial and service organisations. The Industrial Engineering student at Polytech Intl follows a versatile training which allows him to position himself in different professions and in different branches of activity.
Within the framework of exchange agreements, students in the Industrial Engineering department can study abroad in a partner university(ESILV Paris, ECAM Rennes, ESIEE Amiens, etc.).
Students in the final year of their studies benefit from internships at the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure in Canada and at Polytechnique Montréal. By completing these internships, students can pursue their Master's and/or Doctorate studies in Canada.

To be admitted to the engineering cycle, you must have the minimum diploma required for the level of training you are aiming for

    • Access to the first year of Industrial Engineering :

- Hold a degree in Logistics, Automation, Electromechanics or equivalent,

- Successful completion of a preparatory cycle,

- Successfully complete the admission interview.

    • Access to the second year of engineering :

- Have successfully completed the first year of Industrial Engineering or equivalent,

- Successful completion of the first year of the Master's degree in Industrial Engineering or equivalent.

The training in Industrial Engineering Polytech Intl prepares management engineers capable of :

  • Master the methods and tools of the engineering profession: problem identification and resolution, data collection and analysis, design of complex systems, etc.
  • Plan a project, study the feasibility of the expected services
  • Mastering the different production processes
  • improve and pilot systems according to international standards
  • Innovate and design a product and manage its industrialisation
  • Working internationally: fluency in several foreign languages and international experience

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the training, the future careers of an industrial engineering engineer are diverse, namely

  • SAP ERP Consultant
  • Quality consultant
  • Production Manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Methods Manager
  • Project Manager

Engineers graduated in Industrial Engineering integrate in Tunisia and abroad:

  • The major manufacturing sectors: automotive, aeronautics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, luxury goods, etc.
  • The service sectors: logistics, transport, studies, consulting, IT, engineering firms, banking, etc.
  • L2M
  • Mersen
  • U- accelerator
  • SAP
  • Caveo
  • Medicasud

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)

Duration Type of Fee Tunisian students International Students
3 years Application fee
(payable only once on first enrolment in a PI course)
500 DTTTC 250 € INCL. VAT
Annual registration fee 6825 DTHT 3400 € EXCL.


Code Module Credits
EE-GIND511 Mathematics for engineers 3
EE-GIND512 Algorithms and programming 3
EE-GIND513 Numerical Analysis 3
EE-GIND521 Automatic General 3
EE-GIND522 Electronics 2
EE-GIND523 Sensors and instrumentation 2
EE-GIND531 Study and organisation of work 2
EE-GIND532 Organisation and project management 3
 EE-GIND533 MRPG Workshops 2
 EE-GIND534 Optimisation and graph theory 2
 EE-GIND541 English I 1.5
EE-GIND542 French I 1.5
EE-GIND543 Entrepreneurship and business creation 1
EE-GIND543 Contract law 1
Code Module Credits
EE-GIND611 Probability & Statistics 1,5
EE-GIND612 Relational database 2
EE-GIND613 Computer design methodology 1.5
EE-GIND621 Control and systems theory 2
EE-GIND622 Programmable Logic Controllers 1.5
EE-GIND623 Manufacturing Techniques and Methods Mechanical 2
EE-GIND624 Electrical engineering 1,5
EE-GIND631 Organisation and technologies of production processes 3
EE-GIND632 Production Systems Management 3
 EE-GIND633 Modelling and Business Engineering 2
 EE-GIND634 Linear Programming 2
 EE-GIND641 English II 1,5
EE-GIND642 French II 1,5
EE-GIND643 Project management 1
EE-GIND644 Business law 1
EE-GIND651 End of Year Project I 3


Code Module Credits
EE-GIND711 Industrial networks 2
EE-GIND712 Decision-making database 3
EE-GIND721 Signal processing 3
EE-GIND722 Mechanics of materials 1,5
EE-GIND723 Decision support 2
EE-GIND724 Renewable energy 1,5
EE-GIND731 Quality management 3
EE-GIND732 Operational safety 2
EE-GIND733 Production management and administration 2
 EE-GIND734 New product design - Value analysis 2
 EE-GIND735 Scheduling 3
EE-GIND741 English III 1,5
EE-GIND742 French III 1,5
EE-GIND743 Corporate Finance 1
[ EE-GIND741 Leadership and Human Resource Management 1
Code Module Credits
EE-GIND811 Statistical process control 1,5
EE-GIND812 Corporate business plan 1.5
EE-GIND821 Internet of Things (IoT) 3
EE-GIND822 Data analysis 2
EE-GIND823 Industrial safety 2
EE-GIND824 Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2
EE-GIND831 Integrated Management System I 2.5
EE-GIND832 Maintenance management 3
EE-GIND833 Design and operation of production and logistics systems 2.5
 EE-GIND834 Industrial Systems Simulation 2
EE-GIND841 English IV 1.5
 EE-GIND842 French IV 1.5
EE-GIND843 Marketing 1
EE-GIND844 Innovation management 1
EE-GIND851 End of Year Project II 3
Code Module Credits
EE-GIND911 Technology watch 1.5
EE-GIND912 Cost management and return on investment 1.5
EE-GIND921 Logistics networks and supply chain management 3,5
EE-GIND922 Lean six Sigma 3
EE-GIND923 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 2
EE-GIND924 Workshops and seminars 1,5
EE-GIND931 Integrated Management System II 2.5
EE-GIND932 RFID tracking 2
EE-GIND933 Manufacturing execution system 3
 EE-GIND934 Project Management 1.5
EE-GIND941 English V 1.5
 EE-GIND942 French V 1.5
EE-GIND943 Strategic management 1
EE-GIND944 Communication techniques 1
EE-GIND951 Federative project 3

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