Research and Innovation Centre

The Research and Innovation Centre is a new structure created in 2021 within Polytech INTL GROUP whose objective is to contribute effectively to technological innovation and to mobilise national academic and industrial skills to meet the demands of the Tunisian economy by relying on the flexibility of private enterprise procedures and ease of financing.

Covering all sciences, it participates in multidisciplinary projects, in collaboration with national and international academic partners and in strong interaction with companies from the main economic sectors.

Bringing together research teachers, experts and industrialists, the CRI is made up of 18 research units based on current research themes and covering many of the disciplines taught at the PI and LBS schools; they evolve by accompanying the needs of the educational project and by responding to the expectations of the technical and economic environment.

Its activities are thus at the heart of current global issues and particularly around the following units:

  • UR1 Pedagogical Innovation
  • UR2 Covid 19: Legal, technical and economic aspects
  • UR3 Digital transition (Justice, health, education, etc.)
  • UR4 Energy transition
  • UR5 Industry of the future and optimisation of industrial systems
  • UR7 Advanced Modelling and Characterisation of Materials
  • UR8 IOT & cloud
  • UR9 Protection of personal data
  • UR10 Cybersecurity
  • UR11 Augmented and virtual reality
  • UR12 Data science and Artificial Intelligence
  • UR13 Autonomous vehicles
  • UR14 Smart, sustainable and inclusive city
  • UR15 Innovation Management
  • UR16 Circular Economy and Green Finance
  • UR17 Water technology
  • UR18 Fight against corruption

The research units cover several scientific fields, in which they advance scientific knowledge, while gaining international visibility and influence.

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