Mechatronics Engineer

3 Years | 180 Credits

The Mechatronics engineering degree is EURACE accredited. The student in Mechatronics in thePolytech INTL engineering school follows a training of 4 poles: mechanics, electronics, automation and computer science. In short, themechatronics engineer is involved throughout the life cycle of industrial products.

To be admitted to the engineering cycle, you must have the minimum diploma required for the level of training you are aiming for

  • Access to the first year of engineering :
    - Hold a degree in Computer Science, Mechatronics, Electromechanics, Mechanics, Electrics or equivalent,
    - Have successfully completed an integrated preparatory cycle,
    - Pass the admission interview.
  • Accès en deuxième année Ingénieur :
    – Avoir réussi la première année ingénieur Mécanique, Mécatronique, Électromécanique ou équivalent,
    – Avoir réussi la première année master dans l’une des spécialités déjà citées.

Themechatronics engineer from thePolytech INTL engineering school is characterised by his ability to :

  • Working in a team,
  • Mastering Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) software,
  • Analyse, model and optimise a complex mechatronic system,
  • Integrate different technologies into a single mechatronic system,
  • Mastering integrated management software packages.
  • Project Manager
  • Research and DevelopmentEngineer
  • Industrial systems and reliabilityengineer
  • Project Manager
  • Ennakl
  • Caterpillar
  • Microsoft
  • B2P engineering
  • Segula
  • Aptiv
  • CAT engineering
  • Accelerator

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)

Duration Type of Fee Tunisian students International Students
3 years Application fee
(payable only once on first enrolment in a PI course)
500 DTTTC 250 € INCL. VAT
Annual registration fee 8200DTHT 3600€ EXCL.


Code Module Credits
EE-MEQ511 Math for the engineer 2.5
EE-MEQ512 Algorithm and programming 3.5
EE-MEQ513 Operating systems 2
EE-MEQ521 Analytical Mechanics 2
EE-MEQ522 Materials 2
EE-MEQ523 Mechanics of deformable media 2
EE-MEQ524 Mechanical technology 2
EE-MEQ531 Analogue electronics 1 3.5
EE-MEQ532 Digital electronics 2.5
EE-MEQ541 Entrepreneurship and business creation 1
EE-MEQ542 Contract law 1
EE-MEQ543 English 1 1,5
EE-MEQ543 French 1 1,5
EE-MEQ751 SEMESTER PROJECT 1 3 A.Mouelhi Sep-Dec P
Code Module Credits
EE-MEQ611 Numerical analysis 2.5
EE-MEQ612 Probability Statistics 1.5
EE-MEQ621 Design of mechanical systems CAD 2,5
EE-MEQ622 Bureau de Méthodes 3
EE-MEQ623 Techniques et méthodes de production mécanique 1,5
EE-MEQ631 Analogue electronics 2 2
EE-MEQ632 Electrical engineering 2,5
EE-MEQ633 Power electronics 2,5
EE-MEQ641 Web programming (HTML, Java script, css) 1,5
 EE-MEQ642 Computer networks 2,5
 EE-MEQ651 Project management 1
EE-MEQ652 Business law 1
EE-MEQ653 English 2 1.5
EE-MEQ654 French 2 1,5
EE-MEQ661 SEMESTER PROJECT 2 3 A.Mouelhi Jan-May P
Code Module Credits
EE-MEQ711 Control and regulation 2,5
EE-MEQ712 IoT : les capteurs et les actionneurs 2
EE-MEQ713 Eléments de robotique et cobotique 1,5
EE-MEQ721 Fluid mechanics and hydraulic and pneumatic transmissions 2,5
EE-MEQ722 Power transmission mechanisms 3
EE-MEQ723 Elements of mechanical systems 2,5
EE-MEQ731 Electrical machines 3
EE-MEQ732 Signal processing 2,5
EE-MEQ733 Computer architecture and microprocessors 2,5
EE-MEQ741 Leadership and Human Resource Management 1
EE-MEQ742 Corporate Finance 1
EE-MEQ743 English 3 1,5
EE-MEQ744 French 3 1.5
EE-MEQ751 SEMESTER PROJECT 3 3 A.Mouelhi Sep-Dec P
Code Module Credits
EE-MEQ811 Programmable Logic Controllers and Industrial Networks 2,5
EE-MEQ812 IA : Commandes Intelligentes 2,5
EE-MEQ813 Real-time industrial computing 2,5
EE-MEQ814 Programmation Orientée Objet (python) 1,5
EE-MEQ821 Modélisation et Simulation Numérique 2,5
EE-MEQ822 Volumetric and thermal machines 2,5
EE-MEQ823 Méthode des éléments finis 2,5
EE-MEQ831 Electric motor control 1,5
EE-MEQ832 Electronic CAD (ALTIUM) 1,5
EE-MEQ833 Simulation des systéme Mécatronique (LABVIEW) 1,5
EE-MEQ834 Machine Learning 1,5
EE-MEQ841 Marketing 1
EE-MEQ842 Innovation management 1
EE-MEQ843 English 4 1,5
EE-MEQ844 Français 4 / Allemand 4 1.5
Code Module Credits
EE-MEQ911 Sécurité Industrielle 2,5
EE-MEQ912 Pilotage industriel MES 2
EE-MEQ913 LEAN production 2,5
EE-MEQ921 Fabrication numérique 2,5
EE-MEQ922 Mécanique des matériaux composites 2,5
EE-MEQ931 Vibration of mechanical systems 2,5
EE-MEQ932 Cobotique : systèmes mécatroniques 1,5
EE-MEQ941 ingénierie automobile 2,5
EE-MEQ942 Embedded systems and digital circuit technology 2
 EE-MEQ943 Internet of Things (IOT) 1.5
EE-MEQ951 Start-up 1
EE-MEQ952 Strategic management 1
EE-MEQ953 English 5 1.5
EE-MEQ954 Communication techniques 1.5
EE-MEQ961 PROJET Fédérateur 3 A.Mouelhi Sep-Dec P

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