The Groupe Polytech Intl Foundation offers various funding mechanisms to deserving candidates who want to start or continue higher education in excellent fields of study, but who cannot afford it financially:

Merit Scholarships

Intended for new baccalaureate holders who have passed with distinction.
The scholarship is renewable during the years of study of the current cycle, subject to conditions, and cannot be combined with other scholarships. The conditions for the renewal of the scholarship are:

  • Successful completion of the main session,
  • No disciplinary sanctions,
  • Unjustified absences of less than 10% of the hourly volume for each semester,

This grant covers either:

  • 100% of tuition fees,
  • 50% of the tuition fees,
  • 30% of school fees,

Applicants are encouraged to apply by 24 August at the latest, by completing the form below

    Scholarships for excellence

    50% reduction in tuition fees for students of theprivate university Polytech Intl who were successful in the various courses of study in the previous academic year (with honours) and who re-enrol in the following year in the same course of study,

    Siblings' scholarships

    10% discount for any student with a brother or sister already enrolled in a course of study at theprivate university Polytech Intl.

    Study credits

    In partnership with Banque Zitouna, a "study loan" is granted at a rate of 0%, the guarantee of repayment of which is provided as much by the quality of the studies carried out, and the employment prospects they offer, as by the joint guarantee of the parents.