IRM-Opt. Big Data & Business Intelligence

3 Years | 180 Credits

The "BDBI" option (Option B) is set as a goal to train professionals. The latter will master not only the managerial and technical aspects related to the development of information systems, but also those related to the design, development, implementation and management of tools and systems for Big Data and Business Intelligence. This option will include the latest advances in methods, techniques and technologies related to this discipline such as data mining, data warehousing, NoSQL programming, cloud computing, artificial learning, etc.

Successful candidates :

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent,
  • The preparatory cycle or equivalent,
  • Successful completion of a first year of an engineering or master's degree in computer science or equivalent.

The predictable distinctive skills of theBig Data and Business Intelligence engineer are divided into three areas. These characterise the technical fields targeted by our training.

  • Data ingestion from external sources or APIs.
  • Automation of data consumption to alert users of abnormal events.
  • Experimental frameworks and A/B testing
  • MetadataManagement
  • Management of business, software and data architectures.
  • Study and development of an information system, decision-making components for Business Intelligence.
  • Management of system architectures for Big Data.
  • Management of decision support systems.
  • Audit, strategy and planning of Big Data and Business Intelligence systems.

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)

Duration Type of Fee Tunisian students International Students
3 years Application fee
(payable only once on first enrolment in a PI course)
500 DTTTC 250 € INCL. VAT
Annual registration fee 6825 DTHT 3400 € EXCL.


Code Module Credits
EE-IRM811 Python for Data Science 2
EE-IRM812 Big Data & NoSQL 4
EE-IRM813 Development frameworks 2
EE-IRM821 Cloud Computing 3
EE-IRM822 Cybersecurity 2
EE-IRM823 Massive parallel architectures 2
EE-IRM83B1 Data mining and data analysis 2
EE-IRM83B2 Multidimensional modelling 3
EE-IRM83B3 Machine Learning 2
EE-IRM83B4 Workshop R 1
EE-IRM83B5 BDBI federating project 2
EE-IRM841 English 4 1.5
EE-IRM842 French 4 1.5
 EE-IRM8423 Innovation management 1
 EE-IRM8434 Marketing 1
Code Module Credits
EE-IRM911 Analytical Database Processing (SAS) 1
EE-IRM912 Semantic Web 1.5
EE-IRM92B1 Data integration and ETL 3
EE-IRM92B2 Analysis and Reporting 3
EE-IRM93B1 Advanced Big Data 4
EE-IRM93B2 Massive data mining 3
EE-IRM94B1 Object-Relational Databases 1.5
EE-IRM94B2 Deep Learning 3
EE-IRM94B3 Chatbot & Recommendation Systems 1.5
EE-IRM95B1 Automatic Natural Language Processing 1.5
EE-IRM95B1 BDBI federating project 2
EE-IRM961 English 5 1.5
EE-IRM962 English 5 1.5
 EE-IRM963 Strategic management 1
 EE-IRM964 Communication techniques 1


    Head of Department

    Ichrak MEHREZ

    Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Paris-Saclay/ FST

    +216 95 120 688