Student life

Catering areas

There are many places to eat: a busy Café-Restaurant in a business area with a wide range of starters, main courses and desserts close to the school building. There are also other cafeterias and restaurants close to the school.


The student will be accompanied during the first week of his/her arrival by the international student service. They will ensure that the best possible accommodation conditions are provided.
Many public transport services stop just a few metres from the university. This is an advantage that allows students to live in close proximity.

Media library and book café

It is a space where students can work in teams, have a coffee and read a newspaper.
The school also provides its students with an online sharing platform including specialised databases.

Library area

The library is equipped with digital tools and Wi-Fi access. The computers are equipped with applications chosen by the library: library, print, audiovisual, online resources and office software.
The library is also equipped with a free access photocopier.
A person in charge is at your service for the acquisition of books, periodicals and databases.

Espace Forme

The school has a fitness and weight room with machines to help students free their minds and manage stress.

Accommodation for students with disabilities

In accordance with the principles of non-discrimination of people with disabilities, Polytech Intl has put in place compensation measures involving staff resources and/or available premises.
In addition, the registered students concerned are required to submit a request to the Secretary General, before the start of their studies. The application must be accompanied by a recent certificate from a doctor describing the disability and the inconvenience it causes.


Near the school there are a variety of shops, including a large food shop, grocery shops, banks and a post office.

Transport and parking
  • Bus routes run close to the school.
  • Free outdoor parking for 30 cars.