The ambition of the IRC is to mobilise the national potential in research and innovation, whether public or private, academic or industrial. Tunisia has a significant research and innovation potential, which should be directed. The idea of the IRC is to lean on the European Union, taking advantage of its status of privileged partner, and to submit tenders in the framework of the European Horizon 2021 - 2027 Plan. CRI has obtained its Pic 889386017, has access to the European Research Innovation Platform, and cooperates with national and foreign laboratories in order to bid for contracts. The CRI calls on teachers and young graduates from both schools, external collaborators in training and other laboratories. This has a beneficial impact on the quality of training and the identification of innovative business projects. The feasibility study, the choice of projects to be retained and the monitoring of the submission and implementation process are carried out successively by the Orientation Council and the Monitoring Committee. The centre's staff is made up of tenured staff (professors-researchers from the group), experts from the academic and industrial world, students from the group and researchers from other higher education institutions.


  1. Mobilise national and international resources to contribute to technological innovation
  2. Bringing together researchers, industrialists and young graduates around innovative themes;
  3. Helping Tunisia and Europe to converge by 2040;
  4. To provide the Pi Consulting unit and the EDA with high-level specialists in the various fields;
  5. To improve the skills of teachers in order to ensure international standards of education.

For more information, you can download our Polytech Intl Group Report.