IRM-Opt. IT finance

3 Years | 180 Credits

The IT FINANCE course at theprivate university Polytech INTL includes mainly advanced computer courses oriented towards mastering the technologies used in the finance sector, as well as courses presenting the main functional aspects of the targeted professions. This specialisation trains engineers specialised in financial applications, capable of mastering the problems specific to this field and able to propose and implement appropriate solutions. The courses offered correspond to a double orientation: 1 - Organisational and technical, in order to train high-level professionals capable of mastering the design, development and implementation of information systems oriented towards finance. 2 - Functional and applicative, with the aim of giving students the knowledge necessary for interaction with non-computer specialists and mastery of the mathematical models used in finance.

Successful candidates :

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent,
  • The preparatory cycle or equivalent,
  • Successful completion of a first year of an engineering or master's degree in computer science or equivalent.

The specific skills expected of theIT finance engineer are

  • Owner or project manager in financial companies.
  • Design/development engineers at a software-finance publisher.
  • Financial IT project integrator.
  • Consultant/Engineer in IT Finance.

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)

Duration Type of Fee Tunisian students International Students
3 years Application fee
(payable only once on first enrolment in a PI course)
500 DTTTC 250 € INCL. VAT
Annual registration fee 7100 DTHT 3400 € EXCL.


Code Module Credits
EE-IRM511 Algorithms & data structures 4
EE-IRM512 C programming 4
EE-IRM521 Graph theory 1
EE-IRM522 Mathematics for engineers 1
EE-IRM523 Linear programming 2
EE-IRM524 Numerical Algorithms 2
EE-IRM531 Computer architecture & microprocessor 3
EE-IRM532 Relational databases 3
EE-IRM533 Introduction to operating systems 3
EE-IRM541 English 1 1.5
 EE-IRM542 French 1 1.5
 EE-IRM543 Marketing 1
EE-IRM544 Management principle 1
Code Module Credits
EE-IRM611 Complexity of algorithms 1
EE-IRM612 Algorithms & advanced data structures 4
EE-IRM613 Introduction to object-oriented programming 4
EE-IRM621 Probability & Statistics 2
EE-IRM622 Digital electronics and logic circuits 3
EE-IRM623 Formal logic 2
EE-IRM631 Database programming language 4
EE-IRM632 Computer networks 3
EE-IRM633 Language theory 2
EE-IRM641 English 2 1.5
 EE-IRM642 French 2 1.5
 EE-IRM643 Business law 1
EE-IRM644 Contract law 1
Code Module Credits
EE-IRM711 Object-oriented programming (Java) 5
EE-IRM712 Web application development 4
EE-IRM721 Software engineering 2
EE-IRM722 Compilation workshop 2
EE-IRM723 Object development methodology 3
EE-IRM724 Information system & business application 1
EE-IRM731 Operating systems 3
EE-IRM732 Database Administration (DBA1) 2
EE-IRM733 Communication networks 3
EE-IRM741 English 3 1.5
 EE-IRM742 French 3 1.5
 EE-IRM743 Corporate Finance 1
EE-IRM744 Leadership and human resources management 1
Code Module Credits
EE-IRM811 Development frameworks (J2EE) 3
EE-IRM812 Development frameworks (C#) 3
EE-IRM813 Development frameworks (Symphony) 3
EE-IRM821 UNIX administration 3
EE-IRM822 Windows administration 1.5
EE-IRM823 The XML standard 1.5
EE-IRM824 Web services 1
EE-IRM825 Coding and cryptography 1
EE-ITF831 Financial markets and products 1.5
EE-ITF832 Stochastic processes and financial applications 3
EE-ITF833 Data analysis 2
EE-ITF834 Statistical principles and methods 1.5
EE-IRM841 English 4 1.5
 EE-IRM842 French 4 1.5
 EE-IRM843 Strategic management 1
EE-IRM844 Digital law 1
Code Module Credits
EE-IRM911 Collaborative business process engineering 3
EE-IRM912 Security of information systems 1
EE-ITF921 In-depth financial analysis 1.5
EE-ITF922 Engineering and financial arrangements 1.5
EE-ITF923 Financial policy of the company 1.5
EE-ITF924 Management of financial institutions 1.5
EE-ITF931 Portfolio management and simulation game 3
EE-ITF932 International Finance 1.5
EE-ITF933 Risk management 1.5
EE-ITF941 Econometrics 3
EE-ITF942 Monte Carlo Methods and Financial Model Simulation 1.5
EE-ITF943 Risk Modelling and Dyn. Financial Risk Management 1.5
EE-ITF951 Business intelligence 1.5
EE-ITF952 Data Mining 1.5
EE-IRM961 English 5 1.5
 EE-IRM962 French 5 1.5
 EE-IRM963 Project management 1
EE-IRM964 Entrepreneurship and business management 1


    Head of Department

    Ichrak MEHREZ

    Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Paris-Saclay/ FST

    +216 95 120 688