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2 Years | 180 Credits

The preparatory cycles remain a privileged passageway to the largest engineering schools in Tunisia or abroad. In two years, they provide the necessary foundations for more in-depth and applied studies in the context of a engineering degree and this within theengineering school Polytech INTL.

  • Preparatory cycle for engineering studies: Math-Physics (MP), (preparation for competitive exams)
  • Integrated preparatory cycle for Mechanics, Materials and Microtechnology (3M),
  • Integrated Preparatory Cycle in Computer Science and Electronics(IE).

    To be admitted to the preparatory cycle, you must have the minimum diploma required for the level of training you are aiming for

  • Access to the first preparatory year:- Hold a baccalaureate in experimental sciences, mathematics, or a diploma accepted as equivalent for foreigners- Pass the admission interview
  • Access to the second preparatory year:- Successful completion of a first year of integrated preparatory courses or preparatory courses for the Concours d'Entrée aux Ecoles d'Ingénieurs or successful completion of a first year of a Bachelor's degree in science and technology,- Successful completion of the admission interview.

To provide our students with the best tools and methods to succeed in the national (in Tunisia) and French engineering competitions.

This preparatory cycle leads to engineering studies in the fields of :

  • WORD,
  • EXCEL,
  • Solidworks.
  • Microsoft

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)

Duration Type of Fee Tunisian students International Students
Application fee
(payable only once on first enrolment in a PI course)
500 DTTTC 250 € INCL. VAT
Annual registration fee 7100 DTHT 3400 € EXCL.

3M curriculum

Code Module Credits
EU-3M111 Analysis I 4
EU-3M112 Algebra I 4
EU-3M121 Geometric Optics 2
EU-3M122 Point mechanics 2
EU-3M123 Electrostatics-Magnetostatistics 2
EU-3M131 General Chemistry 2
EU-3M141 Algorithms and data structures I 4
EU-3M142 Programming Workshop I 3
EU-3M151 Combinatorial logic systems 1.5
EU-3M152 Electrical circuits 2
EU-3M161 Mechanical Technology 1,5
EU-3M171 English 1
EU-3M181 French 1
Code Module Credits
EU-3M211 Analysis II 4
EU-3M212 Algebra II 4
EU-3M221 Electromagnetism 2
UE-3M222 Thermodynamics 2
EU-3M231 General Chemistry 1
EU-3M232 Materials I 2
EU-3M241 Programming Workshop II 2
EU-3M242 Databases 1.5
EU-3M243 Introduction to EM 1.5
EU-3M251 Analog & digital electronics
EU-3M252 Construction Technology 3
EU-3M261 English 1
EU-3M271 French 1
Code Module Credits
EU-3M311 Algebra III 4
EU-3M312 Analysis III 4
UE-3M321 Solid state mechanics 1
EU-3M322 Physical optics 3
UE-3M323 Electrical engineering 3
EU-3M331 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Python) 1.5
EU-3M332 Office tools 1.5
EU-3M341 Materials II 2
EU-3M351 RDM I 2
EU-3M352 Production Techniques Mechanical 3
EU-3M353 Framed project 3
EU-3M361 English 1
EU-3M371 French 1
Code Module Credits
EU-3M411 Signal mathematics 4
EU-3M412 Probability and statistics 3
EU-3M413 Graph theory 2
EU-3M421 Waves & Propagation 3
EU-3M422 Signal processing 1.5
EU-3M423 Transmission techniques 1.5
EU-3M431 Materials for Microtechnology 2
EU-3M441 STI Automatic 3
EU-3M442 Power Electronics 3
EU-3M451 RDM II 3
EU-3M452 Project 3
EU-3M461 English 1
EU-3M471 French 1

IE curriculum

Code Module Credits
EU-IE111 Analysis I 4
EU-IE112 Algebra I 4
EU-IE121 Geometric Optics 2
EU-IE122 Point mechanics 2
EU-IE123 General Chemistry I 2
EU-IE124 STI I 2
EU-IE131 Algorithms and data structures I 4
EU-IE132 Programming Workshop I 3
EU-IE141 Electrostatics-Magnetostatistics 2
EU-IE142 Combinatorial logic systems 2
EU-IE143 Electrical circuits 2
EU-IE151 English 1
EU-IE152 French 1
Code Module Credits
EU-IE211 Analysis II 4
EU-IE212 Algebra II 4
EU-IE221 Electromagnetism 2
EU-IE222 Thermodynamics 2
EU-IE223 General Chemistry II 1
EU-IE231 Algorithms and Data Structure II 3
EU-IE232 Programming Workshop II 3
EU-IE233 Introduction to Web Development 1
EU-IE234 Introduction to EM 2
EU-IE241 Analog & digital electronics 2
EU-IE242 Sequential Logic 2
EU-IE251 English II 1
EU-IE252 French II 1
Code Module Credits
EU-IE311 Algebra III 4
EU-IE312 Analysis III 4
EU-IE322 Physical optics 3
EU-IE321 Heat transfers 1
EU-IE331 Computer Architecture and Microprocessors 2
EU-IE332 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Python) 4
EU-IE333 Computer networks 2
EU-IE334 Office tools 1
EU-IE335 Relational database 3
EU-IE341 Discreet automatic 3
EU-IE342 Microcontroller- Arduino workshop 3
EU-IE351 English III 1
EU-IE352 French III 1
Code Module Credits
EU-IE411 Signal mathematics 4
EU-IE412 Probability and statistics 3
EU-IE413 Graph theory 2
EU-IE421 Waves & Propagation 3
EU-IE422 Signal processing 1.5
EU-IE423 Transmission techniques 1.5
EU-IE431 UNIX operating system 3
EU-IE432 Web Development II 4
EU-IE433 Object-oriented development methodology 3
EU-IE434 BD programming language 3
EU-IE441 English IV 1
EU-IE442 French IV 1

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