Computer review


Calling all future baccalaureate students 2020-2021! After the success of the English revision session for this year's baccalaureate students, Polytech Intl Group invites you to get a head start...

Catch-up sessions, revision and preparation for the new school year are organised in various subjects (Computer Science, English, French, etc.)

Don't let the coronavirus do the same thing to you as last year!

If you too feel that last year's programmes have been flouted, and that they have not been properly assimilated...

If you too are concerned about a repeat of the coronavirus scenario in 2020-2021...

Schedule: from 24/12/2020 to 29/12/2020 for a 20-hour training course, (from 9am to 12pm every day).
Data structure: 3h
Control Structure: 9 hours
-Conditional (Simple, Generalized and Choice)
-Complete Iteratives (Pour....Faire)
-Iteratives with stop condition: (Repeat......Until)
Sub Programmes: 8h
-Use modular analysis to solve problems.
Section: Mathematics, Technical Sciences, Experimental Sciences.

So don't wait to register, places are very limited!

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