International Partnerships

Professional Partnerships and Certifications :

Concerned about the employability of its graduates, the private polytech Intl faculty has built a network of partnerships with multinational and international companies.
These partnerships aim to :

  • The reception of students on internships (introductory internship, engineering internship and PFE).
  • The direct involvement of certain companies in the decision-making bodies (Scientific Council, pedagogical committee, recruitment commission). The same applies to the training provided (teaching, projects and reforms).


International certifications :

The private faculty of Polytech Intl is keen to establish partnerships to involve certain companies in its training courses. In particular, partnerships with :

  • Ennakl Tunisia and through it with its partner Volkswagen automobiles. The objective is to strengthen the teaching in the filière engineer in Mechatronics, and the access to the training centres.
  • CATERPILLAR, which has made it possible to set up a training course leading to certification for our engineering students in the mechatronics field, covering heavy machinery and access to the company's training centres.
  • Microsoft Tunisia covering different aspects and access to online courses and preparation for Microsoft certifications.
  • Oracle and its local representative TMI in order to have: Oracle technology for our engineering students, access to training materials and enfin certification on Oracle technologies and especially Java.
  • Android through the ATC (Android Test Center) network to provide course materials on these technologies and ensure certification.