Industrial performance assessment tools

Start time

18 MARCH, 2022

To enable an organisation to achieve its medium or long-term objectives, it must have a set of indicators to evaluate its performance.
The Industrial Engineering department of Polytechnique Internationale offers you a training course on the fundamentals of industrial performance evaluation, which will take place on March 18, 2022 at its premises in Lac 1.
Through this training, you will be initiated to the construction of a dashboard to ensure a control of the performance of the processes by using a set of indicators.

Programme :

1. Optimising process performance
- Understanding the concept of industrial performance
- Evaluating the performance of production systems: resource occupancy rate, OEE, availability rate, etc.
2. introduction to the development of dashboards
- Choice and relevance of indicators.
- Construction of synthetic indicators to limit their number.
- Construction of indicators on processes to optimise their management and performance.
-Drawing up a dashboard.
- Practical exercise using Tableau Public