Big Data: uses and challenges

Big Data: uses and challenges

The importance of using data for strategic development has been proven, and companies are now faced with a major challenge: to process more data, faster and at lower cost!

Corporate information systems are now faced with an explosion in the size of the information and data being manipulated and Data Science has therefore become a challenge for most business sectors.

In order to provide an engineering education that best meets the needs of the national and international market, Polytech Intl offers an education focused on Big Data Business Intelligence.

This EURACE accredited training since 2018 is implemented by a range of technical, language and managerial certifications in order to equip our future engineers with Hard and Soft Skills and to increase their employability percentage.

The reflection on the acquisition of business skills in the field of data science led to the creation of a project based on two learning paths,

1-Data scientistpathway(LMD) which starts with the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Information Systems, LGLSI,

During this course, students will learn the basic foundations of data, data science and the basics of BI and Big Data.

The LGLSI leads to a Master's degree in Data Science, which provides the following professional skills

  • Mastery of the Python and R languages,
  • The application of machine learning and deep learning techniques,
  • Massive data analysis and mining.

At the end of the course, the graduate will know how to integrate all these skills into Cloud, Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies.

2-Big Dataengineercoursewhich starts with a integrated preparatory cycle in computer science and electronics, Prépa IEand which prepares the student for engineering sciences.

The Big Data Business Intelligence (BD-BI) curriculum is based on the mastery of SQL/PLSQL languages and database administration (DBA).

Thus, our experts prepare the student to start his speciality and to acquire the new concepts of NoSQL, Decision Databases (DDB) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The rich practical component of the engineering course deepens the learners' knowledge of new technologies, namely Hadoop and Spark and in Business Intelligence, MSBI and Power BI...

Data Science and the various techniques that go with it, such as AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, are now necessary tools for any strategic approach to business development.

By Marouane Bel Haj Ayech