Special measures COVID-19

Special measures COVID-19

Polytech Intl Group PI & LBS,

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Special measures COVID-19

Given the current health context and in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus following this third wave, Polytec Intl Group, its decision-makers and its crisis unit continue to respect the measures taken since March 2020 and apply the following decisions

Action 1: Condensation of the fundamental courses to carefully close the year and serenely prepare our students for the exams!

Action 2: Continuation of online courses as agreed and implemented for safety reasons. The hybrid system is applied as required for practical courses with full respect for health protocol.

Action 3: Eid holidays: Stop classes before Eid by three days. The date of the resumption will be communicated to students in time. This period is considered to be a review period.

Action 4: Polytech Intl Group ( PI & LBS ) adopts teleworking to allow the continuity of the school's activity and to guarantee the protection of academic and administrative staff.

Action 5: The crisis unit, headed by the Secretary General, continues to receive your questions, whether administrative, medical or school-related.

Polytech Intl Group asks everyone to behave responsibly and with solidarity.