Security measures Coronavirus

Security measures Coronavirus

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Special measures Coronavirus

In view of the health context and in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, as a safety measure, several decisions have been taken at the school:

Action 1: Staff and the hygiene company ensure that the soap containers in the toilets are continuously filled.

Action 2: Hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers are installed and made available if hand washing is not available.

Action 3: A crisis unit, headed by the secretary general, is set up to deal with administrative, medical and academic issues for staff and students.

Action 4: Travel to and from abroad in the context of the two Schools' international partnerships is postponed.

Action 5: From Monday 16 March onwards, courses will be systematically recorded and placed on the E-campus platform to allow remote consultation.

Action 6: As of Monday 16 March, Polytech Intl Group(PI & LBS) is opting to implement teleworking to allow the continuity of the school's activity and guarantee the protection of the staff. Whatever happens, the members of the crisis unit are at your disposal to support and advise you.

Polytech Intl Group (PI & LBS)asks everyone to behave in a responsible and supportive manner.