Introduction to BIM

Alternating managerial and/or technical aspects of BIM, with a new pedagogy where the speaker learns, grasps and manipulates this new work methodology in the construction sector.
-To gain a conceptual and practical understanding of BIM (Building Information Modeling).
-Establish the benefits of BIM in concrete terms and identify the points of concern
-Applying the BIM process to construction
-Establish the protocol and the exchange charter
-Conducting an interoperable project using BIM
-Contractualising and coordinating all the actors in a project
-Partial mastery of BIM software; REVIT
-To make the learning of the complementarity of the managerial and technical aspects a reality
Architects, engineers, civil engineers, construction technicians, design offices, students in these fields...
PART 1 Introduction to BIM (managerial component / 30 hours)
Start date October 1, 2020
Tariff PRICE : 850 DT

PART 2 Introduction to BIM (managerial and technical aspects / 60 hours)
Start date October 13, 2020
Tariff 1.650 DT
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